Automating programs in SAS

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Automating programs in SAS

perhaps a rookie question...

I have a program that I run in SAS 9.3 UI.  Is there a way to automate/schedule this program to run ?

I'm sure there is, but I'm wondering if there are SAS functions to write into the program to schedule it, or if there is are options in the UI that I can use.

Thanks, John

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Re: Automating programs in SAS

You might look up running batch jobs and using a system scheduler to run a script to start SAS with the needed parameters. Options vary depending on OS and what you expect the program to do.

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Re: Automating programs in SAS

If you're on Windows, use the Windows scheduler.

First find out how to call your program from batch.

Second Add that command to a .bat file and schedule it.

Of course this all depends on your OS/SAS version. If you're using SAS connected to a server their may be many other issues.

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