Are there reasons NOT to move to a MAC?

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Are there reasons NOT to move to a MAC?

I am a proficient SAS user, working with SAS 9.3 for Windows for the last 6+ years.  I am moving to a new job (at the same large university where I already work), and everyone in the new group currently uses MACs rather than Windows machines.  My new manager needs to decide (quickly) what computer to get for me.  So my questions are:

- Does SAS run on a MAC computer? 

- Are there major differences between using SAS on a MAC vs. on a Windows PC?  What would I need to know or be concerned about?

- On the flip side, if I were to just get a Windows machine instead, what issues do I have to worry about with regard to sharing data with my coworkers?  They won't be SAS users, but I know in the past I've had trouble with, for example, sharing Excel sheets (created from SAS output, or not?) between PCs and MACs....e.g., dates are all shifted by 2 years and 1 day, or something weird like that.....

- Does anyone know if StatTransfer is available for MACs?


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Re: Are there reasons NOT to move to a MAC?

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I use a Mac for consulting, with a giant caveat that I run Windows on it as well, via VMWare Smiley Happy

This can mean buying both a mac and windows version of Word, or switching to Office 365 instead.

I haven't seen any date issues mentioned above.

SAS was supposed to launch a version for Mac, but again would probably need a dual license for it.

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Re: Are there reasons NOT to move to a MAC?

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I encountered the date issue in Excel recently when I downloaded some personal financial data as a CSV.  When I opened the CSV in Excel and then copied it to another workbook dates shifted by 4 years.  I believe that this is because Lotus 123 used 1904 as its start date and for a while Excel mimicked this for compatibility but has since decided day 1 is 1 January 1900.  The Excel engine importing the CSV appears to use the old standard.  There is a very large "gotcha" lurking there.


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