Anyone have a copy of the SUGI proceedings from '76?

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Anyone have a copy of the SUGI proceedings from '76?

There is a meetup/BOF meeting, next Tuesday, at SGF where a lot of people from all of the on-line forums (including this one) will get together to meet, talk with each other, and see what everyone has been doing and what they plan to change/add in the immediate future.  The meetup will he held Tuesday, Mar 25, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM – Chesapeake A-C. Add it to your Online Communities Meet-up SAS Global Forum 2014 Agenda.

However, as part of the meetup, we have an auction with all of the proceeds going to the conference's book drive.

This year, we will be auctioning off a set of the original SUGI proceedings (i.e., the meetings that were held before proceeding were available on CDs).

To be able to auction off a FULL set we need one last volume, namely '76.  If you happen to have a copy, or know of someone who might (and would be willing to part with it for a very worthy cause), please let me know.



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Re: Anyone have a copy of the SUGI proceedings from '76?

Have you had any luck finding the 1976 proceedings yet?  I don't think I have ever seen one. It will be interesting to take a look back at some of these old goodies.

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Re: Anyone have a copy of the SUGI proceedings from '76?

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No luck yet.  The scanned version of it an the others can be found at:

However, for the book drive auction, I'd really like to put together a full set of the originals and, currently, we are only missing '76.  Kathy Council is currently checking around SAS Institute for us.

However, if your volunteering, Howard Schreier suggested a possible alternative.  If you can print the '76 version from the above link and have the cover autographed by Goodnight, Sall, Miller and any other available year-one authors, that would, I think, be 'almost' as good.  Do you have time to do that?

In fact, if we do end up getting the original, we could auction off the autographed copy as a 2nd auction item.

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Re: Anyone have a copy of the SUGI proceedings from '76?

SAS Users Group International '76 proceedings:

(hmm strange) Lex should be arround Washington although more cdisc oriented...

You want the hardcopy versions I assume.

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