Add a LINK as part of the title of a GPLOT

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Add a LINK as part of the title of a GPLOT

I must have a zillion graphs that I've been able to add "drill-down" capabilities to... but for some reason I just can't get this to work (adding a link as part of the title).

I have attached my code... (the "TITLE5" line is where I'm trying to insert the link)... any help would be greatly appreciated):

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Re: Add a LINK as part of the title of a GPLOT

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  I think you may want to work with Tech Support on this one. Normally, when you use LINK= and ODS HTML several things happen:

1) an <A> tag is built and

2)  the HREF= value for the ANCHOR tag points to or should point to the web server location where the HREF= file will be located when the HTML file is loaded into the browser This HREF= value comes from a combination of LINK= value PLUS the PATH= value (if one) .

So, 3) The TITLE with the LINK= option should work the same way for SAS/GRAPH as it works for regular tabular output. The only difference is that the TITLE with SAS/GRAPH is embedded in the image file by default.

  And, most times, when you use LINK=, you are referencing an actual web site or secondary HTML page that is the HREF= which specifies the HTML page to load when the hyperlink is clicked.

  I am not in a position to test code on the mainframe and test the combination of BODY= and LINK= as shown in your code. This is something that Tech Support can help you with. Usually, any internal hyperlinks are built from a combination of PATH=, BODY= options. and generally, when you use PATH=, you also use the (URL=NONE) suboption.

  So the fact that your LINK doesn't work, implies to me that there is something wrong with the combination of PATH=, BODY= and LINK= working together so that it is somehow pointing to an incorrect location when the browser goes to load the LINK= file.


  To open a track with Tech Support, fill out the form at this link:


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Re: Add a LINK as part of the title of a GPLOT

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Thanks a lot Cynthia. All of my other ventures down this path have been similar to what you decribed... where the bars on the graph are the anchor for the "drill-down"... this is the first time I have tried pointing to a file, from a Title-line...  and yes, as you had surmised, the link points to a file created in a previous step if this same process, and is resident in the same web server directory as this graph is targetted to...

I'll go ahead and open a record with Tech-Support.

Thanks again for your help.


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