A Holiday Poem

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A Holiday Poem

Twas the night before Christmas, and all 'cross the fora,

not a coder was posting, not even Fareeza.

No posts were arriving, not even from Haikuo,

no _null_, no PG, even  Tom was a no-no.

A few lonely missives let me know the site works,

an ad for some shoes, a spam from some jerk.

When at the year end SGF’s meetup does matter,

to see who spewed out the Most Vociferous chatter.

Away to the keyboard they flew with their fingers,

adding all to posterity as the forum still lingers.

The Forums and regionals where all SAS folks go,

giving lustre of prowess in the papers they show.

When, what on the SASware Ballots was there,

but adding %SELECT/%WHEN, and enhancing the WHERE,

Whether expert or novice, maven or sage,

tis open to all on the forum’s vote page.

Most frequent poster? Haiku, Tom, Farezza, Patrick, PG?

But all time leader, Tabachneck, can’t be caught, no, not he.

"Now, _null_! Now, Vince! Now, Snoopy, Mike and Astounding!

On, Steve! On Podarum, Art C., Peter, Chris and RichardInOzing.

So up on your skills from the courses you took,

with your code from a posting, or just from a book.

And then, with an inkling, you try with a hash,

to index your data to save your firm cash.

As you drew a new model, of data relational,

you wow your new manager with something sensational.

In a hat with a plume, or in shorts all Hawaiian,

in an office or cubicle, your fingers are flyin',

From Cary to London, you avoid times of terror,

by checking your log for those damn syntax errors.

Your eyes have a new wrinkle!  Your rump a new dimple,

trying best as you can to keep all your code simple!

When the bug shows up Friday, and the weekend you've plans,

away to the keyboard and mouse go your hands.

The pencil you chew and hold tight in your teeth,

you check all the UIs and code underneath.

With coffee from Starbucks, to keep up your head,

your body knows better and is hopeful for bed.

You posted a question, to the forum with care,

hoping some late night compadre’s still there;

With a quick post they render in sympathy and feeling,

they try to assist you with what you are dealing.

You code for a word, or a byte in your work,

we try to answer well as a sage not a jerk,

And laying your fingers astride of your keycaps,

the 11th hour nod, you ache down to your kneecaps!

You spring to your mouse, add statements with style,

And away the code flew from SUBMIT to compile,

And those who remained

raised a cheer of delight,

Happy Forum Posts to all!!

And to all Jim Goodnight!

Happy Holidays from Mike Rhoads, Peter Flom, Mark Terjeson and Art


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Re: A Holiday Poem

Love it - tho I just discovered it.

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Re: A Holiday Poem

I'm not even going to try and guess what you were searching for.

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