32 Character limit

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32 Character limit

I'm new to SAS.

I am trying to work with datasets in SAS that are >32 characters long. When I try to create a dataset based on this dataset I get the error "


ERROR 307-185: The data set name cannot have more than 32 characters."  Here's the code I have.

Data disb1;

set bdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_20120409;


I cannot change the name of the original dataset, how do I go about creating the new dataset. 

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Re: 32 Character limit

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Re: 32 Character limit

You've found one of SAS weaknesses. As nobody wants to type in more than 32 characters to refer to a dataset, it would be nice to document datasets a little better. You can do so with the LABEL= dataset option (256 chars limit). But that label will almost never show up in reports. That's one reason why I never create permanent SAS datasets to store important data.


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