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UI customization for AML 6.3

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UI customization for AML 6.3

Hi, we have CTR and SAR reports(E -filing) provided by SAS AML solution for US clients and we are trying to modify the UI and workflow in order to suit it for an Australian client, but the SAS documention on UI customization is not proper. Our initial plan was to change/modify the UI fields getting displayed by modifying the rr-fincen-sar-01.xml and adding field to custom table in DB but still the UI customization is not proper, no input text box is comming up and nor is the new UIdefinition file getting updated.

Kindly advise  and share if any documentation on UI customization is Available for Anti money laundering solution.

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Re: UI customization for AML 6.3

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Many years ago I was involved in an AML project for an Australian bank where this type of work was required. I'd advise you to contact SAS Australia Technical Support or perhaps SAS Australia Professional Services as they have done this a number of times.


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