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SAS Fraud Management

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SAS Fraud Management

Hello Guys,


                         I am a newbie to SAS programming and I want to know how SAS Fraud Management deals with fraudulent transactions. Like how rules can be applied on transactional data sets, how network and hybrid models can be used to detect fraud and how to implement them in real time. etc.

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Re: SAS Fraud Management

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  Some of the Fraud and Financial Crimes solution software is described here.Customer Stories | SAS The solution utilizes SAS Enterprise Miner for data discovery and data mining. So, if you are using SAS University Edition, you do not have access to SAS Enterprise Miner or the Fraud software solution.

  You can review our Fraud and Financial Crimes training here: SAS Training - Fraud path -- every customer who uses the solution, customizes the solution to their needs -- credit card fraud, insurance claims fraud, etc. So the training is generally customized for a particular company.

  If you want to learn more about how SAS Enterprise Miner works, you can review the Data Mining classes relevant to SAS Enterprise Miner, here: SAS Training - Data Mining path -- the Neural Network Modeling course is on the web page, but under the Advanced and Specialty section at the bottom of the page.


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