A STEM-focused group for providing students with hands-on experience with Internet of Things, Data, Analytics, Visualization, and lot of fun, all centered around Aviation.

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Welcome to the DataOnTheFly Community Forum.

DataOnTheFly was a day of STEM centered around Aviation Technology held on April 21, 2017 in coordination with NC Science Festival and sponsored by SAS  and NC Department of Transportation, Division of Aviation.   Twenty-five students from eight high schools converged on the NCDOT hangar facility at Raleigh Durham International Airport.  The students formed into five teams for a day of hands on technology, history and education centered around Aviation.

Activities for the Day included:

  • A tour of the RDU Terminal Radar Approach Control Facility (TRACON)
  • A tour of the RDU Air Traffic Control Tower
  • Training on Aviation history, Drones, Next Generation Air Traffic Control and Raspberry Pi systems and ADS-B Technology
  • Hands-on workshop for each team to build a Stratux Device (Raspberry Pi, ADS-B receiver).
  • An afternoon of data collection, visualization and plane spotting, from a uniquely situated location at the DOT hangar adjacent to runway 23R/5L

Students were exposed to:

  • Technology and professionals controlling air traffic around RDU
  • Technology that went into building the Stratux:
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Software Defined Radio
    • Real-time data collection and analysis
    • Data visualization for air traffic risk management
  • Tour of a DOT Hawker C90GTI - a twin-engine, 7-passenger aircraft
  • Comradery with fellow students and making new friends.

We hope to continue with more DataOnTheFly events.   Watch this space for more information and discussion.