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by Community Manager
on ‎09-17-2015 11:47 PM

@ballardw Thank you for posting this idea!

by Community Manager
on ‎09-17-2015 11:54 PM
Status changed to: Open for Voting
by Community Manager
on ‎09-18-2015 12:08 AM

@ballardw, I was curious if you have noticed that if you have not read a post yet, or a post that has replies that you have not read - it will be in bold. This is another way you can tell when looking at posts if there is anything new. Is this helpful at all? I will still keep this idea open for voting, though.

by Super User
on ‎09-18-2015 11:56 AM

Yes I noticed the bold text, but I have found that the icon color density draws the eye first.