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Your Chance to Earn Communities Swag at SAS Global Forum!

by Community Manager on ‎03-01-2016 12:48 PM (4,157 Views)

Are you attending SAS Global Forum in April? Are you an active member of the SAS Support Communities? Answer “yes” to both of these questions and you could walk away with some pretty cool items.


Oh, did you answer “no” to the second question? Don’t worry -- you still have time to increase your activity and earn these gifts. Keep reading to find out how!


Charge your phone (or other electronic equipment) in style

Have you provided 5 responses in the community and received the “To the Rescue” badge?


If so, you will receive this handy-dandy USB charger (no, @ChrisHemedinger's phone isn’t included…but wouldn’t you love to see his contacts?)



Indulge in a hot or cold beverage with the help of SAS Support Communities

Have you posted at least five topics in the community and received the “Fire Starter” badge?


If you answer “yes” to this question, you will receive a beautiful and functional SAS Support Communities coffee mug:



Carry your conference or work belongings in a one-of-a-kind bag

And, finally, we want to give you a truly unique item: a custom messenger bag, made with material from SAS’ own roll shades and conference material. To walk away with this beauty, you must have received an accepted solution and given five likes…earning you the “First Accepted Solution” and “Motivator” badges:


This is a real treat, and is sure to be the talk of the conference. No two bags are the same.



But wait, that’s not all!

We’re also having a drawing for a really cool item. Those people who receive either the coffee mug or the messenger bag will also be entered to win a special item. See if you can guess what we’re giving away!



How do I get all of this cool stuff?

To receive your swag, simply stop by the Communities station in the Connect area of The Quad, give us your user name so we can confirm your badges and walk away with some loot*!


Don’t forget, here’s what it takes to get these items:


Haven’t earned these badges yet? Then get busy! We’re telling you the requirements now, so you have time to earn yourself these goodies. Smiley Happy


We’ll see you in Las Vegas!


*Quantities are limited, so stop by early to make sure you receive your gift.

by Trusted Advisor
on ‎03-01-2016 01:21 PM

Oooooohhhhh nice swag! Hopefully I get time to swing on by 😎

by Frequent Contributor
on ‎03-01-2016 02:45 PM
Let me guess... the prize is a bag of coffee?
by Community Manager
on ‎03-01-2016 02:50 PM

We may all need coffee to stay awake for the awesome activities during SGF, @ptimusk!

by Super Contributor
on ‎03-01-2016 05:44 PM

Looking forward to getting some goodies! Thanks guys :-)

by Trusted Advisor
on ‎03-01-2016 05:53 PM

Agree @ShelleySessoms, although I find the adrenalin and awesomeness of SAS Global Forum keeps me awake. My flight back home is where I catch up on sleep... Smiley Wink

by Frequent Contributor
on ‎03-01-2016 09:09 PM
I am now motivated to win.
by Occasional Contributor CarolB
on ‎03-02-2016 12:28 PM

Can't wait for GF2016.  Maybe I will earn badges between now and then!

by Contributor moorsd
on ‎03-03-2016 05:40 AM

Will the USB charger work with the iPhone lightning port?

by Community Manager
on ‎03-03-2016 07:47 AM

@moorsd You charge up the charger via micro USB (pretty standard these days).  You will need to supply your own lightning cable for the "power out" port, but yes -- it should work.

by Contributor moorsd
on ‎03-03-2016 10:23 AM

@ChrisHemedinger Great, thanks for clearing that up. Looking forward to getting one of these, assuming you have some left when i visit the stand. 

by Valued Guide
on ‎03-04-2016 11:35 AM

My increased activity on the forum lately can be entirely attributed to this give-away. I'm going for the grand slam!

by Community Manager
on ‎03-04-2016 11:37 AM

@jklaverstijn I knew it.  (See @ShelleySessoms and @AnnaBrown? I told you Jan was motivated by swag.)

by Occasional Contributor CarolB
on ‎03-04-2016 11:54 AM

I NEED the coffee cup!   The poor little one I use at work is about 10 years old and from one of SAS's competitors.   

by Community Manager
on ‎03-04-2016 01:24 PM

 I hope I get to give you the coffee cup @CarolB. We don't want you having to drink from a competitor's cup!

by Contributor louisehadden
on ‎03-09-2016 10:00 AM

Nice swag!  I love the bag, and mug.  And the mystery gift which might look nice on the arm holding the bag, and mug.

by Frequent Contributor
on ‎04-05-2016 05:26 PM

I have the 'to the rescue' and 'motivator' badges now but still need the 'Fire Starter' and 'First Solutions' both of which I will try to work on this week.

by Frequent Contributor
on ‎04-05-2016 06:01 PM

Somehow I just did it

"You earned the Fire Starter badge! 14 seconds ago"
by Community Manager
on ‎04-06-2016 08:18 AM

Congrats @ptimusk! Hope you've got a little extra space in your luggage for the swag.

by Frequent Contributor
on ‎04-07-2016 11:10 PM

May be don't tell the App contest organizers but this Communities Swag contest is much more relaxing and easy going. Smiley LOL Just checking my badges and the levels they are at and many of the badges are at advanced levels that only a small 'T test sample' size of others have also earned.


Now of course you have me jonsing for an Apple Watch but really I am a big consumer of laptop bags. That's the last Swag prize, I need to qualfiy for. So I just need to get some more SAS programming solutions on this board and get that 1st solution badge. That will be a constructive use of time as well. I really want to have that bag to show off my community mindedness on the conference floor.


I am probably not allowed to accept any of the App contest prizes anyways.

by Frequent Contributor
on ‎04-21-2016 12:43 AM

Did you have the drawing yet? I just could not solve a problem on time to get the bag. Thanks for the coffee mug though and it is very nice.

by Contributor moorsd
on ‎04-26-2016 08:18 AM

I'm very pleased with my SAS swag. I've already put the bag and mug to good use Smiley Happy

by Occasional Contributor CarolB
on ‎04-26-2016 09:08 AM

Loving my SAS has created many conversations at the office....they are green with envy!  Thanks for the gifts, had a great time at global forum!  Heart

by Valued Guide
on ‎05-16-2016 09:51 AM

Thanks for all the goodies. I made good use of the charger and the bag during my post-SGF travels. The mug would probably not help with my baggage allowance at BA so I made a colleague happy with that. I was hoping to bring home an I-Watch. Did I win it? :-)


- Jan./

by Community Manager
on ‎05-16-2016 10:34 AM

Sorry @jklaverstijn - you didn't win the Apple Watch.  But thanks for playing -- and I hope we keep seeing your helpful activity on the communities even when there isn't the promise of immediate swag!

by Valued Guide
on ‎05-18-2016 04:30 PM
Of course I will Chris. I'be been bitten by the bug.