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The fix is in: who counts as "Online"?
Community Manager


Okay, this post contains a little bit of inside baseball about the inner workings of our communities.  I'm sharing it because we've made a change that some of you will notice, and I want to be transparent about what happened. Read on if you want the nitty gritty.


Since our moving to our new site, we have featured some high-level stats at the top of our home page: MembersOnlinePosts.  These showed (respectively): Number of registered members, number of registered members visiting the site right now, and the number of posts (messages) accrued over the life of the community.


That second number has always been misleading, because it doesn't count the number of current visitors who aren't signed in.  At least, it didn't count them until now.  We've just changed that display so that it shows the number of concurrent visitors, even the visitors who haven't logged in.  If you think of as a big theater full of SAS knowledge seekers, our new stats count everyone -- the players and the audience.  Lurkers are people too!


Here are two screenshots, 5 minutes apart on today, December 17, 2015.  The first one is pre-change, the second is post-change.




We hope that this makes you feel like you've got more company in the SAS community.  There's plenty of room (and discussion) for everyone!



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