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The SAS Studio Community is open for business

by Community Manager on ‎12-09-2015 05:10 PM (646 Views)

 SAS Studio Starter Kit.PNGI just put the finishing touches on your new SAS Studio Community. Go over and check it out!


We noticed SAS Studio inquiries popping up across various boards. We decided to serve its growing user base by putting product info and access to peers in one place. Browse the site and find answers. Or provide answers. Just remember, you get to post questions and replies, earn badges, and connect with one another only if you’re a registered SAS Support Communities user.


If you’re not registered, what are you waiting for?  This article (including a video) tells you how to build an awesome SAS Communities profile.


We’ve seeded the new board with discussion threads and included a “starter kit” that aggregates some of our best get-started info. Glad to include anything else you’d find helpful. Post ideas in the comments. And spread the word about the new SAS Studio Community!