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Nice work on accepting solutions!

by Community Manager on ‎05-04-2016 09:17 AM (1,152 Views)

Time for another round of SAS Communities metrics observations after running April 2016’s numbers.


The most notable story to tell this month is the 7 percent increase in the number of topics that have received accepted solutions! Other than the fact that a boost in valid answers given to community members is one of the many dreams of any community manager, it shows that the community-at-large is practicing good etiquette.

Thank you for coming back more often to tell us what worked – and what didn’t. It helps out fellow members tremendously, and makes it easier to find answers via web searches because Google ranks threads with accepted solutions higher than others. All this means customers are finding answers and moving onto their next task at hand.

Other data points didn’t change much: slight decrease in reply rate, tiny jump in participation and even smaller increase in solution views. Reminder that we’re more focused on community behavior trends over time, especially as compared to the same time frames over previous years. Still, it’s healthy and interesting to watch the changes regularly.

Anything you’d like to call out this month?

by Super User
on ‎05-04-2016 04:15 PM

What I also see is a trend towards bringing more complex problems to the SAS Community particularly in the Adminstration and Data Management areas. I see this as a reflection of the increasing pool of experts participating.   

by Community Manager
on ‎05-05-2016 09:03 AM

Excellent oberservation, 

by Super User
on ‎05-06-2016 03:36 PM

With the occasionally appearing accepted solution I see two weeks after the posts I think the reminders are helping that measure.

by Community Manager
on ‎05-06-2016 03:38 PM

Good point,