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Latest community data shows jump in Reply Rate

by Community Manager on ‎04-05-2016 11:03 AM (360 Views)

As detailed in our SAS Support Communities metrics observations last month, the community management team watches several activities to drive community direction and monitor overall health.

The SAS Visual Analytics graphs with data through March 2016 show:

  • Slight decreases in topics marked with Accepted Solutions and community Participation
  • A tiny increase of views on Solutions (or topics marked “solved”)
  • About a 5 percent jump in the Reply Rate

We’re glad to see the progress in Reply Rate as we hope it continues to inch its way up to 100 percent. We aren’t alarmed by the small decline in Accepted Solutions and Participation. And it’s always nice to see that more people are viewing topics with Solutions because chances are, they received an answer to their “problem of the day.”

It should be noted that data about community activity, as with just about any data that tracks actions by a large group of people, has an element of seasonality.  Even as we comment on small changes month-to-month, we are more focused on the big picture: overall trends, plus comparisons to what has happened during the same periods in previous years. 

Early results from our community survey (you've probably been asked to complete it!) show that nearly 3 out of 4 visitors find the answer they're looking for on the communities. That's a good benchmark; we're always striving to make it even better.

Do you have any remarks to add on the latest data?