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How to post a topic that doesn't need a "solution"
Community Manager

SAS Support Communities isn't about just problems and solutions - there's room for discussions too! But most of our forum boards are "wired" to expect a solution to any topic you post, with prominent "Accept Solution" buttons and lists of "unsolved questions" that highlight opportunities for experts to weigh in. Even if the topic is intended as an announcement -- not a question -- the solution-oriented cues are always present.


We've worked with our community platform to build a "not a question" option for new posts. It's an option you can select when you create a new topic that doesn't need a solution. You'll see the "No solution needed for this topic" option when you create or edit the main topic in a thread:


If you check this box, most of the "needs solution" cues will be tamped down. You won't see "Accept Solution" buttons in the replies to the topic. The topic won't appear in "Unanswered Topics" lists. And some visual styles will identify the topic as an announcement-style thread rather than a question in need of solving.


Example of an announcement-style topicExample of an announcement-style topic

We'll use this new feature to share announcements and "program notes" where it makes sense in the context of forum boards, and we invite you to do the same for your discussion threads or announcements that don't need solving.


Under the covers these topics are still, by their nature in a Q&A forum, wired to seek a solution. That means that you might still see occasional "solution" cues in email notifications and other places. We hope that this new variation of topic is useful to you and helpful to would-be solvers in directing their focus.


As always, we welcome your feedback!



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