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Have your say in the SAS Communities off-topic lounge

by Community Manager on ‎01-12-2016 09:50 AM (539 Views)

The SAS Support Communities Have Your Say “lounge” is the closest way to have a virtual cup of coffee – or other beverage of choice – with your SAS friends. Pull up a chair and hear what fellow SAS practitioners think and care about in a devoted space where you can discuss anything. The sky’s the limit. Well, sort of.

Feel free to talk about your work with SAS, hobbies, the industry. Current events related to statistics, analytics or data. You know, the fun stuff! But please, do mind your manners. Respect people and organizations, don’t recruit or post job openings and remember that the SAS website terms and conditions still apply.

So next time you’re reflecting on random topics that you think may interest your SAS peers, post a message on the Have Your Say board and enjoy the conversation.