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10 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Lainie Hoverstad
Community Manager



  1. I was an English major.
  2. During college, I worked a short time at TGIFridays and had a lot of “flair” (buttons).
  3. My appendix burst in the 90s and I almost died. Biggest memory after surgery is laughing uncontrollably while watching a David Letterman episode in the hospital bed. In the episode, Dave uses an earpiece to direct Rupert Jee to get multiple ice-cream scoops on one cone. For some reason, I found that hilarious and could not stop laughing (hurt like crazy and I had to keep pressing the “pain” button). Here is the clip (scroll to minute 5:00)
  4. I’m an introvert. Over the past twenty years, I’ve taken Dale Carnegie, Toastmasters, Speaker Bootcamp, Assertiveness Training and even an Improv Comedy class. I am still an introvert.cropicmotorcycle.jpg
  5. I have a closetful of leather. That’s right, I’m a weekend warrior! I slap on my chaps and hang on for dear life on the back of my husband’s motorcycle. Here is a pic from our recent trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway. 
  6. I love comedy. A show I’m enjoying right now is Nathan for You.
  7. You might say I’m a bit bird crazy. I have a bluebird house in the back yard and this year raised three broods! This year I witnessed them leaving the nest for the first time – quite a sight.
  8. I love Zumba! I did, however, tear my meniscus recently, requiring surgery. But I’m back now.
  9. I can safely and successfully operate a John Deere ATV, Gator, Skid Steer Loader, Commercial Tractor and other machines. Can you guess where I used to work? (another great company).
  10. I use SAS Visual Analytics quite regularly now and love it. I am scheduled to take a class and get certified next year. 


* My community teammbers put me up to writing this 😉 They are great, though. You can read their "10 Things" here:




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