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sas Enterprise Guide 7.1 (64 Bit)

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sas Enterprise Guide 7.1 (64 Bit)


I got my system upgraded to windows 10 and sas upgraded to 9.4 and EG 7.1


I have got all the necessary plugins installed but when I try to run the below query it thorws the below error. xls or xlsx are not getting imported via query, but when I inport them from EG settings (file--> import file) it is getting imported:


Proc import datafile="c:\Users\ID\test\Sample.xlsx"


DBMS=xlsx replace;



ERROR: DBMS type XLSX is not valid for import


same error occured when used excel or excelcs. Please advise

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Re: sas Enterprise Guide 7.1 (64 Bit)

Do you have SAS/ACCESS to PC Files licensed and installed? Run proc setinit and proc product_status.

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