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editor window background color

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editor window background color


Just installed the SAS 9.4. My editor window color is black and so is the font. Can anyone please advise how i may change the editor window background color or any prob with my version, Windows 10 64 b. Tx

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Re: editor window background color

The first thing is to go to th TOOLS menu, then Options and Enhanced editor. There should be a number of different schemes to select that set appearance for the Editor. Make sure that File Type is set to SAS Program File. Check to see if Default is available in the drop down list for Scheme.


You may also use this wizard to customize the appearance.

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Re: editor window background color

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I have got the same problem in my SAS background. I followed your guidances as tools>options>Enhanced editor but there was only one unchangeable option in the dialog box (please find attached). The problem remained unsolved.

Best regards, Masoud

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Re: editor window background color

I have the same problem. Did you find out how to solve this problem?

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