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Welcome To All Our Newest Community Members

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Welcome To All Our Newest Community Members

Dear All,


Welcome , and a double thumbs up for taking the initiative to learn something new. Warning !! You will go thru lots of phases like excitement ,depression ,lost hope ,Anger, Puzzlepot and the foremost "Shall i Quit/I cannot learn this ?" to name a few.

This are the cycles of any learning path and sometime this paths are like Indiana Jones Movie. You will get the treasure just keep walking Keep your brain alive .You will find your path while going thru all this phases. But set our goals right, from the beginning set your goals, what do you want to lean? How much time you can invest by cutting short the other activates like Facebook ( I hate this,Sorry ),Mobile Games etc..

Once the goal is set , Plan it well , how many chapters you want learn in a week ?How many months it will take to complete the Course.?. and then apply for certification , once you clear that, it will give you a great satisfaction .

Not only in SAS , always try to understand what is going on behind the screen , how the computer language is trying to interpret the code you are writing. Do not scared of Do Loops and Arrays as this are nasty , but once have you learn it , you will feel like a God . So go for it.

Do not QUIT : You are here to enjoy the learning , feel it like a Super Mario Game and don’t stop unless you clear all the stages ..

Thing gets tricky sometime , use your brain , concentrate and keep it going . Do lots of programming. I am no one to motivate brightest mind of this world but thought of writing something ..





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