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View threads by "Reply to" instead of chronologically

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View threads by "Reply to" instead of chronologically

This is not a request, but I am wondering if it is possible.

In some long threads with many respondants, some of the responses are follow-up comments to a revious comment in the thread.  In the old platform, the thread was viewed with an indented style, and when you replied to a particular comment, the response was indented under that response, like this:


  • Does anyone know how to do XYZ?
  • --- Have you tried PROC MEANS?
  • --- --- PROC MEANS only works for numerical data. The OP's data is character
  • --- --- --- Oh, sorry. No coffee this morning.
  • --- Here is a PROC FREQ solution 
  • --- Here is a DATA step solution
  • --- --- You have a typo on Line 3.
  • --- Here is a SQL solution
  • --- --- Wow. SQL is amaxing!

In this platform, it looks like the thread is automatically sorted by time of response (oldest to newest), which means that the comment "You have a typo on Line 3" might appear out of context. It might appear under "Here is a SQL solution," when it was the result of "Replay to" the PROC FREQ solution.  This can be confusing when there are sub-threads going on, such as when several people are working together to come up with a PROC SQL solution and others are working on a DATA step solution.


Is there a way to view a thread by the "Reply to" attribute, rather than chronologically?

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Re: View threads by "Reply to" instead of chronologically

That's interesting, I was wondering how to switch it to other way! This means there must be a way

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Re: View threads by "Reply to" instead of chronologically

@Rick_SAS and @Reeza


What you are suggest is, I believe, technically possible-- but I need to confirm and test. This platform is very flexible. 


 @ChrisHemedinger@AnnaBrown@BeverlyBrown , @ShelleySessoms and I will be looking at all options.


Thank you both for being forthcoming with your suggestions, as that is what wll make this community evolve into "your" community. 


Thanks also for your patience. As you can imagine,  after having one platform unchanged since 2011 and switching to new one, there is a lot to learn: not only about the what new capabilities are availble, but also about what capabilities are best. And we know you understand. 


It is not lost on us how valuable this feedback is ....and we really are listening. We are dedicating time over the next few weeks to categorize and prioritize enhancement requests. 


Thank you Reeza and Rick for your loyalty to this community and for helping make it better. Stay tuned!




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Re: View threads by "Reply to" instead of chronologically


it seems now that posts are inserted under the message they reply to.

But, there are no indentation, note or any other graphical stuff that helps you see the reply patterns - just the clock.

So it' still a bit confusing in my mind...

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