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Unanswered Questions for selected communities

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Unanswered Questions for selected communities

Is there a way to customize the "Unanswered Section" tab so that I only get the results from selected communities? And could I store these selected communities as part of my profile?


I have for example no VA experience so questions in this forum are only "cluttering" my view. I would prefer to not see these questions at all.

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Re: Unanswered Questions for selected communities

@Patrick, thank you for your note. This is a great suggestion. I have added it to the list of functionality the community team is researching. 


You can get to this information manually... just so that you know. Also, are you subscribing to your boards of interest? That will allow you to at least have those forums listed on your profile page.


Here is an example of unanswered posts (questions without a reply) for just the Base SAS Programming forum:\


(the board-id is the last section of the board url such as


Here are a few others that you might want in addition to


I will work on researching a way to select what you want to see, though, in one feed.






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