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Studio and naming of forum

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Studio and naming of forum

Maybe this really about the naming of SAS product(s). There have been some SAS products over the years that are called something Studio: Information Map, OLAP Cube, Forecast, STAT and Data Integration.

But now we have SAS Studio...not a really bright name, but there it is...Smiley Tongue


One consequence I've noticed, is that people that have DI Studio questions, seem not to find an appropriate forum, and they find the SAS Studio forum. "And hey, that sounds almost like DI Studio, so I put my question there."

Bottom line, perhaps you should divide the Data Management forum, so Data Integration questions can easier find it's way to the appropriate forum. Or at least rename it to Data Integration and Data Management.


I have no stats, but my feeling is that the Data Management forum is around 50% DI Studio, 10% other data management products, and the rest various programming issues.

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Re: Studio and naming of forum

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I don't think I can offer a solution but this matches my experience just now. I just looked at the over all directory structure of the community hoping to find something I could solve.Then reading that, I thought I would learn more, or mostly I know, data management. Then learned about something called Data Integration Studio. I know this may have something to do with loading data into Hadoop. I then went looking and checked my SAS programs folder on my desktop to see if I had a license for this DI Studio and found SAS Studio which I believe I first learned about at the SAS Global Forum 2012 opening session. Further to your point about confusion I half wondered if this SAS Studio was SAS IML Studio, as I started it up. I like the name 'Studio' though, as it suggest being creative like a painter.

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