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SAS Activity based Management (ABM) V7.2 Cube table names

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SAS Activity based Management (ABM) V7.2 Cube table names



I am not sure where to post this. I do not see a board for ABM or the new name CPM (Client Profitability Management)


We are running SAS / ABM V7.2 (SAS 9.3) on top of Oracle 12c.



The ask

What I would like to is to create a query in Oracle that would give me the table names of the cubes for a given model. I would like to get results similar to:


Model name    Model Ref     Model ID   Cube Name   Table Name

TS201706.      TS1706         M2529       TSTC1           M2529_C4531001



I have a model ID 2529 where I have the cubes built on the model. When I look in oracle i see three tables that represent the cubes (M2529_C4531001. M2529_C4533001, M2529_C5436001).


Model Name is TS201706, Model Ref TS1706 and Model Id M2529



I can look in the ABM Client to see that TSTC1 cube is M2529_C4531001.



I have query that gets me the three pieces of data on the model 


select 'M' || as Model_Id, as Model_Name, wso.refnum as Model_Reference
from SASABM.workspacenode wsn
join SASABM.workspaceobject wso on = wsn.objectid
join sasabm.model mdl on =
where wso.type = 1;


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