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Major Bugs in new SAS Forum

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Major Bugs in new SAS Forum

The new SAS help forum has a number of bugs, honestly I feel like it was badly released.  Please fix the following:


HTML is currently not allowed.  I have a number of posts on the subject of nesting SAS inside of a Webpage.  My examples include HTML as a result I actually have to alter my post so it doesn’t look like html.


I can’t search for my old posts and finding my own posts is a pain.  I have about 60 posts and I referenced them commonly in the old version using the search my posts feature, now I can only search all posts.  The current version displays a lot less posts per page and the posts that are displayed are not in chronological order. 


The only way you can navigate is by looking for the navigation on the right which took me five minutes to figure out.

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Re: Major Bugs in new SAS Forum

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@DavidPhillips2, thank you so very much for your feedback. I feel your pain, as I'm experiencing some of the same even now. Trust me that we are listening to every single piece of feedback and will be responding as much as we can to address the major concerns as soon as possible.


the HTML in posts is a permission item. I'm cc'ing @ChrisHemedinger in case that is somethind we can look into.


Please check your profile page to see your old posts.


I will check back to see if there are other options for looking up posts, too.


Thank you -  I hope we can address some of these common concerns very soon.



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