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Learn S.A.S or not ?

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Learn S.A.S or not ?

Hello ,


I have a Bachelor degree but not in Math or statistics .
I am very intrested in learning S.A.S but I am wondering if there is even some option for me find a entry level job without a relevant degree or any experience in the data analytics field , or it will be just a waste of my time and money ??

I will appreciate your opinion very much!


Thank you in advance !

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Re: Learn S.A.S or not ?

Search jobs online in your area and see what skills employers are targeting. 

I would recommend learning how to import data, create a summary table (mean, median, min, max, std) and a frequency table in all of the three common languages - SAS, R, and Python. Knowing even that should help you get in the door. There are free tutorials for all the languages online. 

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Re: Learn S.A.S or not ?

@Reeza is very right.
Search job list at your area and see what kind of tool the employer are most using.
SAS is barely used at some area . Like: China.

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