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Holiday greetings and a Request

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Holiday greetings and a Request

Twas the night before Christmas and the forum was quiet.


A time honored tradition on the original SAS user forum (i.e., SAS-L) has been for someone to post a 'Night Before Christmas' poem. I, unfortunately am not a poet, but wonder if some of you are good with words.


Here is a possible start to such a poem for the Communities. Anyone care to offer possible additional verses so we can start that tradition here?


My meager attempt to start the process is shown below:

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through this space,
Not a statement was mentioned, not even a case
Many helpers stayed ready, in spite of the lull,
Ready to answer all questions, exciting or dull
Neither SAS folk, nor users, would take to their beds,
Rather hoping to help some SAS user instead
Reeza with her laptop, me with my phone,
‘long  with Kurt, Ballard, Astounding and RW,
were ‘bout ready  to call the night over and done
When what did our screens suddenly waken to show?
Some questions bout stats that only some of us know.

Art, CEO,


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Re: Holiday greetings and a Request

Thanks for starting this @art297! I only wish I had seen it before Christmas.  Still, I'll try to add a few lines, and by next Christmas we'll have something ready for the journals.


"How do I correlate flu cases and shoe size?"
...wrote the first time poster, perhaps not so wise.
Rick to the rescue, with courtesy and aplomb,
responded "Your question is not the right one."
"If it's homework you've got, we can help you spelunk it,
Just put in some effort before you cry Uncle."

Another question popped up, this one about spreadsheets.
How to import them without going batty.
The universal advice was to CSV-fy it,
but PROC IMPORT options were offered if the boss just won't buy it.
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