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Documentation - IPv6

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Documentation - IPv6

Hello all,


I have to point out an invalid form of IPv6 address in your documentation at


Can someone explain me how can this be valid form of an IPv6 address? 


or this



Am i missing something here or what?


I know that bracked are used to distinguish collon for port numbers, but here is 64 bits missing in these addresses.


Thank you for your reply.



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Re: Documentation - IPv6


You are correct - the examples do not show valid IPv6 addresses. The examples are missing the extra colon to indicate the short (collapsed) form of the IPv6 address. In the collapsed form, consecutive zeroes are replaced with a double colon, but this example is missing the extra colon. 


The first example should contain a double set of colons after the first zero-containing block, like this:


or like this (with the zero block omitted):





and the second example (HTTP) should be written like this to indicate that there are four blocks of zeros omitted:


I apologize for the typo. It has since been fixed in the later version of this document.

Thanks for pointing it out.


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