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About SAS Business Model

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About SAS Business Model



I am Jay and I am currently studying business management in Universidad de Chile (Chile). During this semester, we (me and our group) were given a project about you; SAS Analytics. The scope of this project is to propose a control model for your company, based on some research of your firm.


So, it would be very meaningful to us if you could answer the following questions about your business model.


(1) Who are your creating value to? Who are your main clients?


(2) What value are you giving away? What problem are you solving? What need are you satisfying? What kind of products do you offer to each of your clients?


(3) How do you get your clients? What channel do you use?


(4) What kind of relationship do you have with your clients?


(5) What are your main incomes?


(6) Which are your main resources?


(7) Which activities are the key of you business?


(8) Who are your main partners? Who are your main suppliers?


(9) What costs do you have?


Thank you very much beforehand,




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Re: About SAS Business Model

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Re: About SAS Business Model

Hi @Rexonex -


I think that you can find much of what you need from the SAS Insitute 2016 Annual Report.  Not only is it informative, but it's pretty cool to interact with and fun to read.



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