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clinical sas

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clinical sas

what are the systems that a clinical sas programmer work on or uses in day to day work 

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Re: clinical sas

First, I am not a clinical or pharma or similar programmer though I do work with health data. You question is pretty broad and the size of an organization might relate to specific jobs. If the organization isn't large enough to have specific staff for extracting and transforming data from other systems then you could expect to see things related to those tasks which could be Proc Import or data steps to read data and then clean, or at least identfiy suspect data. A number of procedures could be involved with summarizing raw data for overall data contents such as number of records/trials/patients. Any of the report procedures such as Proc Print, Report, Tabulate, Means could be involved there.


There is likely a certain amount of work in getting things into the form needed for any specific modeling or analysis procedure. These could involve data step coding, Proc Transpose, other summary procedures like Means or Summary.


Specific analysis or models would be very organization and task dependent. A final bit of report writing again into the reporting procedures, graphing procedures and ODS destinations of choice.


I understand another task could be preparing data for submission to other organizations in "standard" forms. This could often involve additional data step and output generation or Proc Export.

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