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What is the difference in running SAS job in Workspace vs. Repository?

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What is the difference in running SAS job in Workspace vs. Repository?

SAS Jobs provides the functionality to run one or more SAS programs togeather sequentially. It contains one or more SAS programs,  inputs that are required to run the SAS programs and output location(s) where the SAS program outputs are stored.


When you run a job in your Workspace

  • SAS programs along with all their input files and output locations must exist in your workspace. 
  • The outputs generated by the job are returned back in the workspace of the executor without any permission checking.
  • No Publish history is associated with job in workspace
  • No versioning is associated with any generated output(s).
  • No Audit history is associated with the execution

When a job is run in the Repository,

  • SAS programs along with their inputs and output location must exist in Repository.
  • The outputs are automatically checked in to the repository provided the owner of the job has write permission to that output locations.
  • A job that is stored in the repository is called a published job. A published job includes the history of when the job was run and by whom. The history is for the version of the job that is shown in the repository.
  • Outputs are versioned if Enable Versioning is checked for the outputs.
  • Audit history is associated with each job execution in Repository.

Ideally SAS Job development should be carried out in Worokspace and when development is complete it should be checked-in to Repository and then executed as a publish job from Repository.  

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