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What is difference between permissions and privileges?

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What is difference between permissions and privileges?

Privilege is ability to perform a specific task in SAS Drug Development. They can be categorized into two sub-categories:


These privileges are assigned to a User depending upon the requirement for the userid to perform actions. They can be assigned while creating a Userid or they can be also added or removed later on by accessing specific userid from
the Administration ->Users Menu


These privileges can be assigned to Roles at the Organization / Project / Analysis level and Roles are assigned to individual members or member groups.


A Role is a collection of privileges and are created at the Organization / Project / Analysis level. They can be assigned to individual User or User Groups. Project can inherit Roles from Organization level and Analysis can inherit Roles from Project level.


Permissions allow a user to access specific information about a container or file in the repository. They can be assigned to members either as individual member or as User Group. They can be categorized as Default or Current.


If the object is a file it can have only Current permissions and if the object is container then it has both Default and Current permissions.

Defaultpermission represents permissions that are inherited by the new objects added in the container whereas Current permission represents the permission inherited by the existing objects in the container.

Current permissions can be different from the Default permissions


Different types of permissions are Admin (A), Read (R), Properties Write (P), Content Write (C) and Delete (D)

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