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What is difference between Repository Vs. Workspace

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What is difference between Repository Vs. Workspace

Repository – Repository is content sharing location which is accessible by all the members of the SDD instance provided they are granted appropriate permissions. The files stored in Repository are in Read-Only mode. Any action performed in Repository is recorded and metadata associated with the action is stored in the Audit Trail. It is divided into two parts

1. Organization level Repository – This area of the repository is accessible by all members of SDD instance provided they are granted appropriate permissions. Any content which needs to be shared among team members should be uploaded to Organization level Repository. Special objects like Project and Analysis can be created and the content can be controlled by various permission definitions.

2. User level RepositoryUser Repository is accessible ONLY by the User. Any content uploaded to this area of the repository is not seen by any other member of the SDD instance. You cannot create special kind of nodes like Project or Analysis underneath User Repository. Also since this area is ONLY accessible by the user himself/herself there are no permission definitions available. One should not use this area for day to day activities or should not store lot of content in this level of repository because you are not sharing this content with anyone. This is your PERSONAL content.


Workspace – Workspace is the location in which you manipulate the objects that you need to perform your job. it’s your work area. Any document or file or data which you want to update needs to be checked out from the Organization level Repository (mostly), get copy of that file into your workspace,  update in workspace and once the work is done check it back to Organization level Repository. It lets you create, modify and update the files and data. Most of the content will be developed by users in their workspace and when they feel content is ready to be shared with other team members it will be uploaded into the Repository.

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