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Welcome to the SAS Drug Development (SDD) Forum

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Welcome to the SAS Drug Development (SDD) Forum

Welcome to your SAS Drug Development (SDD) Forum.

We hope that you find the Forum a useful resource for all your SAS Drug Development needs.  The Forum provides an opportunity for all users of SAS Drug Development to engage in discussions with one another, read articles posted by SAS and participate in polls to help SAS continuously improve the SAS Drug Development solution.

We encourage you  to participate in all of these activities by initiating and responding to discussions and posting articles that you believe are relevant to your peers.   You can initiate new content by clicking on an item from the list of Actions on the Overview tab in the Forum’s Home Page.

To get the Forum started, members of the SAS Drug Development product team have posted Articles and Discussions with topics that users have frequently asked about.  SAS Consultants have replied to these initial Discussions with examples and suggestions that users can adopt to address a specific SAS Drug Development challenge.  Other users who have adopted different approaches are invited to add their suggestions to these Discussions, too.

Most important is that you find value in this Forum.  Please send or post any suggestions you may have to help us improve this Forum.  We will be monitoring this Forum closely and will respond quickly to your ideas and feedback.

On behalf of SAS and the entire SAS Drug Development team, welcome!

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Re: Welcome to the SAS Drug Development (SDD) Forum

Really exciting news for me. I am a fan in statistics applied in DRUG developement and Biostatistics. Launch such a forum, I believe, the community will become more attractive to me.

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