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Viewing dictionary tables in SDD

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Viewing dictionary tables in SDD

Users often need additional assistance with accessing dictionary views in SDD v3.5.

After you have started a Process Editor (PE) session, there are three tabs at the bottom of the Navigation Pane.  If you select the third tab (labeled “WORK & SASHELP”), an empty hierarchy is displayed. 


The hierarchy will be filled in after the PE has executed something.  What gets executed is not important -- you can even execute nothing at all (that is, the PE Display Manager pane can be empty).  Simply press F3 (or select Code -> Test -> Do Not Save Results) and select the WORK & SASHELP tab. The SASHELP Library folder can be expanded to display the SASHELP.V_views.  You can browse any view by clicking it, which will open the view in the Data Explorer (DE).

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