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Log checks in CDI

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Log checks in CDI

The logs that are produced in CDI while working on a job, can still have warnings about numeric or character conversion or missing values generated. Has anyone come out with a way to have a log check to make sure that our logs are clean at the end of the day?

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Re: Log checks in CDI

I don't have CDI, but I'm a big fan of log scanning.   Assuming CDI is generating SAS code (like DI studio or EG or many other SAS clients), I would look for a way (perhaps with a "custom code" element) to invoke proc printto at the beginning of your job/session to write the log file to somewhere you can access.  Then at the end of the job you can scan the log for whatever you want.   That's how I approach it with DI studio, EG, and web reporting.  I'm a fan of log scanning macros.  My favorite approach is from this paper:

I blogged about log scanning in the stored process setting here:



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