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How can I access file via API or WebDAV?

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How can I access file via API or WebDAV?

Access to any file in SAS Drug Development is a two step process - Authentication + Access

Step 1: Authenticate to login to SDD instance

Step 2: have at least Read permission to access the file.

To access via API

1. Call the %sasdrugdev_login macro to login

%* Login to the server using current logged in user authentication;

%sasdrugdev_login(url=%str(&_sddremote_),sdduserid=&_sddusr_, sddpassword=&_sddpw_);

2. Call the %sasdrugdev_getobjects macro to get list of files and folders to which individual have at least Read access.

%* List the contents of the DEV folder;

%sasdrugdev_getobjects(sddpath=SDD/dev, RECURSIVELEVEL=1, TYPEDEF=*, DSNAME=devfiles);

To access via WebDAV programmatically

Specify the path to the file / folder along with authentication information as per the WebDAV Syntax

%* Accessing Folder content via WebDAV;

libname dest base "SDD/dev"  webdav user="&_SDDUSR_" password="&_sddpw_";

%* Accessing File content via WebDAV;

filename filedata sasxbamw "SDD/dev/DataFile.xml" user="&_SDDUSR_" password="&_sddpw_";

To access via Desktop Connection

1. Connect to the WebDAV drive following the Network Wizard on your PC using your SDD credentials ( Below snapshot represents the Windows 7 OS)


2. Your SDD instance will be available like a Network drive and it will provide access to the content to which you have at least Read Access.

     (Look at @SSL in below snapshot which represents a secured connection)


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