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Compliance Checks-Existing transformation or custom development?

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Compliance Checks-Existing transformation or custom development?

The Compliance Check transformations that come with CDI are great. They allow you to select the data standard you would like to run compliance checks against, the study and specific domain(s) you would like to check, and the specific compliance check(s) you would like to run. The transformation creates two work tables with information about the results and metrics, and you can also choose for the transformation to create reports for you. These reports can be by domain or by check, and can be in PDF, RTF, or HTML format.

You have a LOT of control over running your compliance checks. You could run everything from one check on domain, to all checks on all domains (although I actually don't recommend the latter - it's not the most efficient or effective way to manage compliance checks).

One question that often comes up is whether you can create a template for compliance checks. The existing Compliance Check transformations aren't really set up to be made into templates easily. You could set up a job that chooses a standard and a set of checks, but not any domains yet. That job could be your template, copied into a study, and the end user would just select the appropriate study and domains when they're ready to run it. But that does have a dependency on a specific data standard. If your study uses a different data standard, this approach doesn't really work.

So who out there has worked on a similar problem? How have you solved it? I know of a few options, but I'd love to hear from the users here. I know several of you who have solved this problem cleverly, and several other of you who are very curious to find out how you can solve this issue. So let's get you all together and talking about it!

~Melissa Martinez

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