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Browsing Excel files with the SDD Data Explorer (DE)

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Browsing Excel files with the SDD Data Explorer (DE)

Users would like to know if they can use the Data Explorer to browse Excel workbooks in SDD 3.x.


The Data Explorer can be used to browse Excel workbooks, but not by clicking on an .xls object in the SDD repository – that sends a request for the Client machine to open the.xls file with Excel.

Instead, first open the Data Explorer (Tools -> Data Explorer).  Then, within the Data Explorer, open the spreadsheet (File -> Open -> navigate to SDD Repository folder -> select .xls file) – the .xls file’s first worksheet will be opened in the Data Explorer pane.


Note: if you want to browse different worksheets than the first one, you will need to open the .xls file in Excel on the Client machine.


This is how we usually solve this challenge.  Do you use this same approach or a different one?

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