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z/OS: Transferring SAS source code using FTP

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z/OS: Transferring SAS source code using FTP

Hi All,

I have developed a SAS ETL job on Windows developement environment and deployed it on Test environment on z/OS using FTP.

I observed that when the source code is transferred to z/OS though FTP, all the pipe characters ("||") used in the SAS job for concatenation operation are converted to the unwanted junk characters. (In most of the case by character "@@"). Due to these unwanted characters I am getting error during SAS Job execution. To avoid it, every time I transfer the source code, I need to replace these characters manually.

Is there any way by which we can transfer the SAS sources to z/OS without such character replacements.

Please suggest.

Thanks and Regards
- Kapil Agrawal
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Re: z/OS: Transferring SAS source code using FTP

Haven't worked with the combination DI Studio and Z/os, A couple a years ago I was in a project where we used Warehouse Administrator (predecessor of DIS), and some jobs were to run on the mainframe. We mainly used SAS/CONNECT with rsubmit and download. A few programs where upload. I guess you either have to adjust your ftp settings, or use SAS/CONNECT if it's available to you.

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Re: z/OS: Transferring SAS source code using FTP

Thnx Linus Smiley Happy
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Re: z/OS: Transferring SAS source code using FTP

Two possibilities - one is consider using exclamation instead of vertical bar for concatenation - use !! instead of || with your code. And some might say that it's much easier to get to the ! key than the | key.

Or I know where I needed a TRANTAB for this condition when using IND$FILE or FTP for this type of data transfer situations.

Scott Barry
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