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xcmd and %window start

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xcmd and %window start

I ran this code:

%MACRO RemoveFiles;
x del "&path\html\*.html";
%window start
#4 @22 'test' COLOR = BLUE attr = underline
#9 @10 'test1' COLOR = RED @90 FRQ 2 attr=underline color=RED REQUIRED = YES 14 @10 'Press ENTER to continue' COLOR = RED;
%display start;

and received this error:

MPRINT(REMOVEFILES): x del "C:\Documents and Settings\test\html\*.html";
WARNING: Shell escape is not valid in this SAS session.
14 %RemoveFiles;
ERROR 22-322: Syntax error, expecting one of the following: a name, #, +, @.
ERROR: %WINDOW statement not processed due to errors.
15 %window start

I also ran proc options option=xcmd; run;
and got this:

NOXCMD The X Command is not valid in this SAS session

Any ideas?
Thank you.
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Re: xcmd and %window start

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It's a CONFIG setting you will need to control, either allowing or disallowing XCMD. Refer to the SAS Windows Companion DOC for details. Also, consider CALL SYSTEM as an alternative.

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Re: xcmd and %window start

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although you are unable to issue system commands while the NOxcmd option is in effect, there is an FDELETE() function. I'm not sure if NOxcmd prevents that function having effect
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