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word match looping through lot of files.

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word match looping through lot of files.


is it any easy way to look for specifik words in text files?


in a cataloge i have 100 files and i want to find all files that contain the word: "ERROR:" and print the file name.



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Re: word match looping through lot of files.

If you are talking about operating system files then you can use grep for something like that.

> grep -l 'ERROR:' *.log

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Re: word match looping through lot of files.

The following SAS code, which will only work on the Windows OS, will search in the &let dir directory for all text files for the words specified in the &let SearchString= statement.  The names of the resulting files are stored in the variable filename in dataset work.Filenames:

%let dir=C:\users\mark\desktop\;

%let SearchString=data;

filename pipedir pipe   "FINDSTR /M /D:&dir ""&SearchString"" *.txt" lrecl=32767;

   data filenames;

     infile pipedir truncover;

     input filename $char1000.;

     if _n_ eq 1 then delete;


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Re: word match looping through lot of files.

As it sounds you want to analyse SAS logs below 2 links might be of interest for you:

34301 - Parse SAS® Logs to Extract Performance and Timing Information

Base SAS(R) 9.3 Procedures Guide, Second Edition

The first link is pure SAS code. It's not scanning the log files for Warnings or Errors but the techniques used there can also be applied for these keywords.

Be aware that Error messages can span over more than one line so what Tom suggests would need some amendment in order to capture all lines and not only the first one with ERROR: in it.

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