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university Edition - reconnection

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university Edition - reconnection

Hello, i have an University Edition . When i run code, sometimes i get a message like "Unable to connect", try to reconnection". I get this kind of message when i am not near the computeR. Sometimes the connection back, but sometimes i doesn't work. My question is : how can i cancel the disconnection? 

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Re: university Edition - reconnection

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As I understand it, University Edition runs on a remote machine, even if just a virtual Linux machine running on your desktop.  Some versions run remotely as on a University Network, or Amazon's AWS.


The software seems to reset every 60 minutes or so, if not used, thus wiping out any work you had up.  So save often.

The disconnect can happen if the computer or network gets too busy.  Usually it reconnects without  losing anything.  If the browser crashes, it will usually restore any work that was up, (speaking for Chrome and IE.)


I use the local Linux virtual machine and it works great.  The remote version (working on Amazon's AWS) always had problems even though I have a 80MB fiber connection.


Hope this helps.

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