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unable to connect hortonworks

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unable to connect hortonworks

hi, i have extracted jars and xml configs using jar files) script and executed libname statement and below is the error.

libname hdp hadoop server="" schema=default port=10000 subprotocol=hive2;


ERROR: Unable to connect to the Hive server.
ERROR: Error trying to establish connection.
ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement

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Re: unable to connect hortonworks

Hi @rseelam,


This is an old post. Hopefully, you have gotten past this.


Believe it or not, this could still be a configuration issue. It sounds like the connection to Hive is failing or the Hive server isn't there. If you are connecting to the Cloudera Quickstart or Hortonworks Sandbox there are numerous VM configuration issues you can run into.


This SAS Communities thread may help:


Best wishes,


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