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tuning help needed for PROC SQL

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tuning help needed for PROC SQL

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Hi SAS Users,


I needed some help on tuning this below query to run faster, currently run time for this 6 hours.



sorry, this has been resolved. Thanks for the answer .




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Re: tuning help needed for PROC SQL

Max of a diagnosis code seems a weird criteria...


Have you tried a PROC MEANS output instead? Those should be fairly optimized.

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Re: tuning help needed for PROC SQL

Hi Ana,


Tuning SQL queries sometimes involves more than just changing the syntax!

Depending if the data being queried is coming from 

- Table / View

- SAS or RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)


Can you share more information beside the query, so we can direct you in the right way?

Sometimes configurations/options settings changes could affect the response time.


The more we know, the better the advice/help can be.


Just my 2 cents,


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