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trouble using a new library

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trouble using a new library

Hello, thank you for any insight or help you might be able to provide. I'm relatively new to SAS, and although I have some programming background, I am quite lost. 


I created a new library using the "Add a new library" button and succesfully uploaded two data files. i dragged them into the library (called 'Thesis'), and tried running some simple procedures like 'PRINT'. 


It gives me this error message: The SAS System was unable to open the macro library referenced by the SASMSTORE = libref


It looks like I am not in the library 'Thesis' but in 'SASUSER', I can't figure if this is the problem and how to solve it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? 


Thank you very much. I'm using SAS 9.3

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Re: trouble using a new library

You may want to post some example code.  It sounds to me like there is something like this in your program or startup:

options sasmstore=...;


If you start SAS, are there any warnings/errors in the log?  If not then run:

libname mylib "<path to directory containing thesis>";

proc print data=mylib;



That should work fine.

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