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title in local language

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title in local language

hi folks,
are there some options to print date/time in title statement automatically in desired language?
I tried DFLANG, LOCALE, ... with no success!

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Re: title in local language

that doesn't work, but...
with the PROC FORMAT PICTURE statement you can create a date format to do this, if the built-in format NLDATMW doesn't do what you want
Then with system option NODATE and in ODS destinations, you can make part of your TITLEn, or FOOTNOTEn provide date information like a SAS TITLE with, for example:
footnote2 j=l 'bottom left text' j=c 'bottom centered' j=r h=2 "run at %sysfunc( datetime(), nldatmw. )" ; * small bottom right is where I prefer it ;-)
This uses the "current run-time" in your footnote.
If you want to use exactly the same as the SAS TITLE date, then adapt the example to :[pre]ods html file='testfoot.html' ;
proc print data= sashelp.class ;
footnote2 j=l 'bottom left text' j=c 'bottom centered' j=r h=2
"run at %sysfunc( putn( "&sysdate9:&systime"dt, nldatmw ) )" ;
ods html close ;[/pre]

good luck
PeterC mustn't forget to close the ods destination >>> edited by: Peter.C
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