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the "??" date format in SAS (??ddmmyy6.)

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the "??" date format in SAS (??ddmmyy6.)

Hi SAS Experts!!!

I need your help regarding date format in SAS.

I am reading the date field from the file in form of Character and after certian processing, I need to validate if the field is in proper date format (DDMMYY6.)or not.

For the above purpose I am using following condition -

if (NOT missing(input(dateField, ddmmyy6.))) then

In this case I am getting expected output, but for any invalid date (e.g. 30 Feb) the log file shows a note as -
NOTE: Invalid argument to function INPUT at line 595 column 17.
date_values=300208 valid=0 new_date=. _ERROR_=1 _N_=1

However when i used the date format with ?? ( as specified below), I got the same expected result without any note or warning in log.

if (NOT missing(input(dateField, ??ddmmyy6.))) then

The log file was absolutely clean and pretty.

I got this "??" format from one of the internet site.

I really want to know what difference this ?? stuff makes to the format and if it is safe to use this format.

Request you to share the information regarding the usage and significance of this "??" .

Kapil Agrawal
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Re: the "??" date format in SAS (??ddmmyy6.)

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Refer to SAS 9.2 Language DOC on INPUT function.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.
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Re: the "??" date format in SAS (??ddmmyy6.)

Hi Scott.

Thank you very much.

The link mentioned by you talks exactly same what I was looking for Smiley Happy

Thnx a ton!!!

Kapil Agrawal
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