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thé impact of the record option on the bytes

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thé impact of the record option on the bytes

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hello expert

please,  I would like To the impact of the logiciel record, or Will incraese the numéro of the bytes.

data _null_;


file  "r\fil.txt" lrec=1000;



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Re: thé impact of logiciel record on the bytes

Two ways of exploring this:



Test yourself, be using different lengths in your program.

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Re: thé impact of the record option on the bytes

Hi @LineMoon


My 2 cents here:


If i understood correclty you want to ask, if there will be a difference in the size of the file created, if you use LRECL and if you don't.


Please note that, if you don't use LRECL= in the file ouput statement, then sas by default uses the LRECL=32767 and creates the file.


if your data has record length less than 1000 and you use lrecl=1000, then there won't be any difference in size, cause its the logical length and not physical length , which denotes the maximum bytes it can store in a row.




Cheers from India!

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